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Friends Dining Lounge
Gourmet and exotic Egyptian & Mediterranean cuisine.   Fully licensed.
Nanaimo, BC.   Canada
Founded July 2002
After over a decade of a much enjoyed service, it was time to say goodbye.

Friends would like to thank it's patrons, most of whom were more of friends than customers, and we wish you all the very best at home and in business.

perhaps I owe Friends' friends a final clarification note:
When I started Friends, I had found myself suddenly in a new small town, albeit a beautiful town, Nanaimo; separating unexpectedly from my wife-then, and with the sole custody of my only child, a 4 years old son.  BC was meant to be a short vacation.  It was impossible to pursue my 20 years career as a chemist (back in Ontario) - which not only required moving to a large city such Toronto or Calgary, but also would have meant leaving at 6 or 7 am to beat the traffic, leaving the lab around 5 or 6 PM and be home at 7 PM or later. With a child who could not be left alone, and needed twice the parental emotional attention and the availability to take him to school and back, put him to bed ... all that stuff that I enjoyed and do miss very much, it was the right choice to stay in a safe, beautiful town. 

I found the Friends facility available. Cooking has always been a hobby I enjoyed. That was the right choice, a job that would give me the flexibility to take him to school at 8.30 before I opened shop, run away from the restaurant between 2-4, close around 8 PM, and even have him with me after school.  So I started Friends, a job and a hobby, and the plan was to run it for a year or so until I found an answer.  I didn't and I got stuck and a decade went by like a week. However, still, during all these years, after putting him to bed, and the bedtime story I enjoyed as much as he did, I managed to maintain minimum activity in chemical consultation and instructing on the side, taking the odd day off.  And now as he graduated high school at 15 with honours and is a university student, I was finally in a position to say goodbye and to return to a more financially rewarding career.

I have enjoyed Friends a great deal. Meeting people, and the hobby I loved, cooking.

I now invite you to my books.
I wear two scholastic hats. I have been a professional graduate student for a long time, enjoying the bachelor and the academic life. I acquired two doctorates, one in literature and one in science.
So, I have books in literature e.g. poetry and sociology, and books in science (I first attended the medical school and switched to analytical chemistry and pharmaceutical research.)

So, you're welcome to tour my books at:


and my science activities at:


I wish you all the very best at home and in business.

Oh, and by the way, I kept the Friends Dining Lounge site for sentimental reasons. If you wish to browse it for good old days' sake :) 
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